First Steps Baby Care will be there when you first bring your newborn baby home and will spend the day with you giving hands-on advice on all areas of looking after your little one. We’ll go through breastfeeding, nappy changing, bathing, putting baby down to sleep and more. Perfect for first-time parents, this day gives you all-round advice so you can be confident with your day-to-day routines with baby.



We’ll help take the mystery out of day-to-day tasks such as showing mum the correct breastfeeding position to help baby latch on, what to look for in your baby’s stools and what happens if your baby gets reflux or milk allergies. We’ll also help to introduce a gentle sleep pattern to suit both the parents and the baby with the aim of your baby sleeping through the night once old enough to not require a night feed.



We can then stay in touch after your first day home by phone or email. So whenever you have any questions or would like a touch of advice, I can be there to help.



First Steps Baby Care will be with you from 10am-5pm, but these times can be flexible where necessary.