Sleep On Your Problems

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Here's some of simplest advice I can offer new mums and dads: make sure everyone gets enough sleep. During my work, I’ll often encounter mummies and daddies that are struggling to set up a proper sleep routine with their little one. While newborn babies naturally wake up during the night for the first couple of weeks they’re home, it can be difficult for first-time parents to get into a good sleep rhythm with slightly older babies.

I remember working with one mummy who told me she hadn’t a proper night's sleep in three whole weeks. On top of that, Baby was all over the place in terms of feeding and was struggling to transition from the breast to the bottle.

Two days after holding a consultation and offering my advice to Mum I was over the moon to hear that Baby had started sleeping through the night. Mum was even kind enough to phone me personally and thank me for helping her and her husband feel like humans again.