Worried about sleepless nights? Let First Steps Baby Care help you get a good night’s sleep with our Maternity Night Nursing service in Essex, London and Hertfordshire. Setting a routine is an important but often difficult task, so we’re here to help find a routine that suits both you and baby. We’ll come to your home and give you advice on setting the right routine, including advice on breastfeeding and night feeding. We’ll stay for the night and help look after your little one while you sleep. 

Whatever your concerns are with your baby, we’re here to help. So if you have any other questions during your Maternity Night Nursing service, please just ask and we’re happy to give advice on any area of being a parent.

Our Maternity Night Nursing service takes place over 6-8 weeks and we’ll come to you each night between 10-7am. These times are flexible where necessary. Sessions are also available for older babies and toddlers as we stay with you for 5 consecutive nights to deal with any sleep issues.