What hours are covered by night services?

Our night-time services cover 9 hours, usually between 10pm and 7am. However these times are flexible if necessary, simply mention this when making your booking.

I have twins, do you work with twins?

First Steps Baby Care is a twin specialist, with many years experience working with twin babies. All of my services can apply to twins too, simply mention this when making your booking.

How successful are the 1-hour sleep consultations and follow up phone calls?

We have a very high success rate for our 1-hour sleep consultations, as each plan implemented is tailor to suit each individual family. By keeping in touch with follow up calls and texts, families are able to ask any questions as they go along.

What is the difference between First Steps Baby Care classes and workshops, and NCT classes?

NCT classes will give you amazing guidance about labour and giving birth. First Steps Baby Care is a great next step as we give you advice on what comes next, raising baby. It’s a great way to follow up your NCT classes and get advice on the next steps in baby care.

What make bottles and dummies do you recommend?

There are many products on the marketing, but we personally like to use MAM products. We can talk about recommended and suitable products during many of our services to help find the right ones for you and your baby.

I have activities planned from day to day; will a routine affect me going out?

It will be important for your baby to have the security of a feeding and sleeping routine that you can adapt slightly if need be. If you establish a plan in the early weeks, your baby’s body clock will be set for feeding and sleeping at regular times. During consultations, I can advise on a plan to suit you and baby in my consultations.

Why should I follow a routine?

It is entirely up to each individual to decide what they choose, but from my own experiences as a maternity nurse, the decision of when to feed has to come from the parent and not the baby. This leaves parents feeling confident and in control. In my opinion, demand feeding is often unmanageable as parents cannot take charge of their days but are controlled by the demands of their baby. Demand feeding can also end up with snack feeding so baby doesn’t take a good amount at each feed. It is best to stretch out to 3 hours providing they are a good weight so then the baby takes a good feed at each and individual feed time.

What are the benefits of having a Maternity Night Nurse come over during nights?

For the first few months, your baby will need to be fed regularly day and night. It can be exhausting having a newly broken sleep pattern, but with our Night Nurse Service, we can care for your baby while you get a good night sleep. We can guide and support you through all the early concerns you may have and help you to establish a gently feeding and eating pattern.

If I plan to breastfeed, how will you be able to help at night?

One option is for mums to express milk so that we can do one or two feeds in the night. Alternatively, you can choose for us to wake you when your baby is ready to feed. In the early stages, this will be every 3 hours. Once your baby has fed, we will wind and change their nappy if need be, ready to settle them back down again. The decision is completely yours.

What if my baby is one years old and still needs help settling and is waking up during the night?

For older babies and toddlers, we do a Sleep Consultation or come to your for five consecutive nights to help settle their sleeping habits.

My baby sleeps well at night, but I have problems in the day. Can you help?

If you have problems settling your child for naps during the day or have problems moving from breast to bottle, we can help with a consultation. We can discuss implementing a plan and then we will stay in touch either by phone or email while the plan is being established.